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January 9, 2013

the impossible question

Today marks two years since my beautiful niece entered the world. In her own time, on her own terms. A couple of months a go I signed up for a workshop, one that I hoped would change the way I looked at the things and people I photograph. In preparation for that workshop We are the Parsons¬†asked the impossible question.They asked, ‘what is the most important photo you have ever made?’ So today Willow Faye turns 2, and yesterday I shared this photograph with a room full of strangers, who are now wonderful friends. This photo is the most important photo I have ever made. It is the moment my niece was born into this world. This photo takes me back to that second. Those agonising 72 hours of labour. Of supporting someone I love through the most difficult and painful experience and knowing that I couldn’t do it for her. Knowing she and her baby had to do it on their own terms. Remembering that feeling 14 months earlier when my son had been lifted onto my chest. For all of these reasons. It isn’t perfect, but it is incredibly real. It’s a moment that we can’t do over, its a memory that will outlive all of us.

One Comment Filled With Love

  1. Kath Scott says:

    I just knew that a woman with such a beautiful soul would be responsible for incredible images and I was right!!! The pictures on your website are amazing!! It was such a joy to meet you at the workshop and I cannot wait to follow your work and keep in touch personally as well. I hope you had a safe trip home. You are truly beautiful Marina! xxx Kath

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