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September 13, 2014

lisa and aidan

August 16, 2014

sally married michael

My favourite weddings are when my couple ask me to photograph their wedding because of the work I have done for someone they love. Sally and Michael chose me because for that reason. Well also because I am funny. Sally and Michael are funny and kind and generous and love each other stupid. And they trusted me to make these beautiful images of them. But also with their love, with their story. And when that happens a photographer makes amazing, intimate images. These are beautiful to me. And they are Sally and Michael. And I love them. The photographs and Sally and Michael xx

Thanks to the sharp shooting mr One Point Scott for coming all the way from Ballarat to second shoot for me on this one. Thank you, thank you x

and then…

July 21, 2014

joey and rich

You remember Joey and Rich.. and their very special wedding, it took place on a fresh 11 degree, spring day in Victoria last year. There were three things missing from the best day ever. Firstly, Murphy. The DOG. Secondly, SUN. There was none. Not even for a second. And thirdly the BEARD. So when Joey and Rich popped into Agnes Water on their way around Australia, we had Murphy and we sun, oh and Rich’s beard. And this is what we made.





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