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April 16, 2014

nardia and matt got married on Hamilton Island

Nardia and Matt were married on Hamilton Island with 20 of their closest family and friends. It was beautifully intimate. I have a soft spot for lets run away and get married weddings, it’s exactly how I did it. Nardia and Matt’s wedding wasn’t about stuff (although there was BEAUTIFUL food), it was just about them. How much they love one another and how much they are adored by those closest to them. Oh, AND the prettiest island I have been to since last time I visited Hamilton Island. Nardia, Matt and company, thank you for being so kind to me and looking after me so well. If every you get married again, I am coming. Just try and stop me xx


March 27, 2014

emily and justin married in Yackandandah

Emily and Justin were so kind to ask me to photograph their beautiful wedding in Yackandandah. Where? Yes, exactly. It was a adventure. We had a scary looking red blob on the radar with cyclonic winds that threatened to blow us all away just like Dorothy Gale. But like everything Emily and Justin, it was perfect. Cyclone split in two, Marina, Shaun, Emily, Justin and bridal party  all in the middle, stay dry hooray! Emily and Justin were married on a warm Autumn day, surrounded by the ones they love. And once the storm had past and the sun had set, they danced in the Yackandandah town hall. It was beautiful, it was honest and it was heartfelt. Lucky me x

Thank you to the best photo ninja I know Shaun Lee for helping me out x


December 22, 2013

dean hearts mel

A few years a go in a pub, far (not that far but for the purpose of the story) far away, Melissa asked one of her beautiful bridesmaids to push her into a guy standing at a bar. The most beautiful man she had ever seen. Anyway, she was shoved, he was bumped and as they say the rest is history.

Mel and Dean are adored. By their family, by their friends. Everyone speaks of their kindness and their generosity. They also speak of Dean’s poor sense of direction ;) Apparently like most things Mel and Dean, the weather turned sunny side up and they were married at the beautiful Summerlees, Southern Highlands, NSW.

Dean and Mel, 3 weeks down. Forever to go x


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