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April 16, 2014

nardia and matt got married on Hamilton Island

Nardia and Matt were married on Hamilton Island with 20 of their closest family and friends. It was beautifully intimate. I have a soft spot for lets run away and get married weddings, it’s exactly how I did it. Nardia and Matt’s wedding wasn’t about stuff (although there was BEAUTIFUL food), it was just about them. How much they love one another and how much they are adored by those closest to them. Oh, AND the prettiest island I have been to since last time I visited Hamilton Island. Nardia, Matt and company, thank you for being so kind to me and looking after me so well. If every you get married again, I am coming. Just try and stop me xx


November 12, 2013

alicia and nathan were wed one perfect, sunny day in 1770

‘I fell in love with her when we were together, and then fell even more in love with her when we were apart’. And they were married, because that kind of love is for always.

And a little while later after the sun had set and the full moon started to rise, this happened.


Makeup by Glamourpuss Studio

Transportation to beautiful deserted sandbar by Larc 1770

Celebrant Vows by Vickers




September 10, 2013

carla loves graeme and graeme loves carla and they got married

It was 11 months ago that I shot my last wedding. In that time, clever me managed to grow and have a baby. Carla and Graeme’s wedding was always going to be special to me, it was the return to something I love. They both have the most kind and wonderful families. And they, Carla and Graeme, are just perfect for each other. They fell in love in high school, are still very much in love, and I am making an educated guess that they always will be. I shared the most beautiful day with them, and Carla and Graeme are exactly why I have the best job in the world.


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