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March 27, 2014

emily and justin married in Yackandandah

Emily and Justin were so kind to ask me to photograph their beautiful wedding in Yackandandah. Where? Yes, exactly. It was a adventure. We had a scary looking red blob on the radar with cyclonic winds that threatened to blow us all away just like Dorothy Gale. But like everything Emily and Justin, it was perfect. Cyclone split in two, Marina, Shaun, Emily, Justin and bridal party  all in the middle, stay dry hooray! Emily and Justin were married on a warm Autumn day, surrounded by the ones they love. And once the storm had past and the sun had set, they danced in the Yackandandah town hall. It was beautiful, it was honest and it was heartfelt. Lucky me x

Thank you to the best photo ninja I know Shaun Lee for helping me out x


November 12, 2013

alicia and nathan were wed one perfect, sunny day in 1770

‘I fell in love with her when we were together, and then fell even more in love with her when we were apart’. And they were married, because that kind of love is for always.

And a little while later after the sun had set and the full moon started to rise, this happened.


Makeup by Glamourpuss Studio

Transportation to beautiful deserted sandbar by Larc 1770

Celebrant Vows by Vickers




October 6, 2013

Alex and Ben + 2

I love this session. They were great fun and Alex is so incredibly beautiful. Alex and Ben are expecting twins soon, but not too soon and you will see them here when they arrive. It was the prettiest afternoon in Agnes Water/1770 and the last three shots are probably three of my most favourite ever.

PS. BIRD, BIRD, BIRD! (yes crazy photographer lady somewhat obsessed with birds in frames yells that out loud) xx


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