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March 3, 2015

myekie and kathleen

While I was in Melbourne I got to make some photographs with mr and mrs Benham. I met Myekie 3 and a bit years ago at AATH, a workshop hosted by two of our favourite photographers. We chat every other day but every now and then we get to catch up in real life. It’s special. Sometimes doing what you love can be a tricky thing. When so much of what you make and create is so personal and an extension of you. So lucky me, I have a great friend who gets me and what I do. So here they areā€¦ Mykeie and his beautiful Kathleen

December 25, 2014

nita and ewen

October 17, 2014

cassie loves al

2014 has been an enormous year and I had reached a point where I wasn’t taking on any more weddings this year. I couldn’t. Not another one. Until I spoke to Cassie. And she told me about Al. And their story. And I knew I had to shoot this wedding. Not about things, about the people. From here and from Costa Rica and everywhere in between. About their incredible dreams for the future, their absolute love for one another and their families. For the world they live in and want to preserve. Thank you for choosing me and letting me make photos that mean something. Moments. Real life moments. They are the ones I love the best x Thanks to Nouba for the feature!


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