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December 3, 2013

when i was 14

I met a girl called April when I was 14 and living in Canada. We have been friends 21 years. On the weekend I got to spend a far too quick twenty four hours with her and her beautiful boys. I have to tell you about April and her family in Canada. She has beautiful kind hearted parents. And her brother and sister will always be like family to me. She was brought up in a house full of love. You could feel it when you went there. You were always fed and always felt loved. And that is exactly what they have created with their boys. I was fed the most amazing food and there is an enormous amount of love in that household. It is very special. It’s exactly like our household, its a bit chaotic, its a bit wild. But there is so much love there, its not about things. It’s about them. Like her family in Canada. You want to be a part of it, because that kind of love isn’t every day love. It is touched by something special. Messy is so beautiful.





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