Welcome to my other home, my blog. I love love and chase pretty light. You can find me by the sea in the beautiful towns of Agnes Water/1770. I am also known to wander far and wide, and I would love to get to know you

March 13, 2015

kate married josh – melbourne, victoria

Kate and Josh were married on the shiniest, prettiest Melbourne day I can remember, which is absolutely fitting of Kate and Josh, they are shiny and pretty and special. Three and a half  years ago I met them at another very special wedding. They hadn’t been together very long, but I had a funny little feeling that day when I took their photograph, that they would be married. And they are. And after they married, we spent the afternoon wandering around Melbourne. Then they ate cake and danced at the Alto. Kate and Josh thank you for choosing me. For trusting, and letting me do my thing x

Thank you to the always super sharp Myekie Benham for second shooting this with me. So incredibly grateful to call you my friend. You are amazing in so many ways xx


March 3, 2015

myekie and kathleen

While I was in Melbourne I got to make some photographs with mr and mrs Benham. I met Myekie 3 and a bit years ago at AATH, a workshop hosted by two of our favourite photographers. We chat every other day but every now and then we get to catch up in real life. It’s special. Sometimes doing what you love can be a tricky thing. When so much of what you make and create is so personal and an extension of you. So lucky me, I have a great friend who gets me and what I do. So here they are… Mykeie and his beautiful Kathleen

January 23, 2015

a new beginning

2014 I was the mother to two children under 5. For nearly half of it one of them was under 1. I underestimated how busy I would be. Doing what I love and being a mother. I underestimated how much the love I have for my two children would change the way I shoot, the way I see the world. I see children, I see parents and grandparents in a different light to the way I once saw them. The memories of my childhood are made up of photographs, and now I document my children’s lives, moments, days, whispers, tears. I see photographs now as memories. I was reminded of this when I visited 96 year old great aunt. She is surrounded by photographs. She may not know who I am anymore, but she knows her sister, her husband, my father from these memories that someone has taken for her. Her life, is all around her. My why has changed. It’s not just to tell stories, it’s to save memories.

So here is to 2015. A new year. A new beginning.


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