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January 23, 2015

a new beginning

2014 I was the mother to two children under 5. For nearly half of it one of them was under 1. I underestimated how busy I would be. Doing what I love and being a mother. I underestimated how much the love I have for my two children would change the way I shoot, the way I see the world. I see children, I see parents and grandparents in a different light to the way I once saw them. The memories of my childhood are made up of photographs, and now I document my children’s lives, moments, days, whispers, tears. I see photographs now as memories. I was reminded of this when I visited 96 year old great aunt. She is surrounded by photographs. She may not know who I am anymore, but she knows her sister, her husband, my father from these memories that someone has taken for her. Her life, is all around her. My why has changed. It’s not just to tell stories, it’s to save memories.

So here is to 2015. A new year. A new beginning.

December 25, 2014

nita and ewen

December 15, 2014

marnie and liam got married in ballarat

Marnie and Liam got married in Ballarat, they were wed in the Loreto College Chapel where Marnie went to school. We visited Nanna Norma and then snuck away just the three of us. There was lots of laughter and tears, happy ones and paella and dancing. It was best.

Thank you, you two for bringing me along xx



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