Welcome to my other home, my blog. I love love and chase pretty light. You can find me by the sea in the beautiful towns of Agnes Water/1770. I am also known to wander far and wide, and I would love to get to know you

June 24, 2014


I’m one of two girls. Before I had a boy, I never knew just how much it was possible to love a boy. Or 4. Lucky you Megan. Thank you for sharing them with me this one afternoon x

June 18, 2014

mark and yoon were married

June 11, 2014

emily loves ash

You know those people who look like they belong in a magazine? That is Emily and Ashley. And their bridal party, them too. Oh and the guests. This is just a little of their wedding day. PS Look at the way they look at each other. SIGH.


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