Welcome to my other home, my blog. I love love and chase pretty light. You can find me by the sea in the beautiful towns of Agnes Water/1770. I am also known to wander far and wide, and I would love to get to know you

May 5, 2015

claire and christian – agnes water, queensland

I have many words, I find it hard to share them as I am an intensely private person. I love deeply and with abandon but I can hide away in my little shell often for fear of being hurt. Sometimes a special someone comes along and without realising they sneak their way into your heart. And then one day, there they are. That is Claire. I had to ask her how we met, because I couldn’t quite remember. One day, she was just there. And then Christian asked her to be his wife, and she asked me to make pictures at their wedding. She has married a beautiful, kind man and together they have an incredibly special boy. They love deeply. Gently, quietly at first and then completely and absolutely. If I never shoot another wedding, I’m ok with that. This one was a dream xx


January 11, 2016

kim and mark

October 23, 2015

adrian married natalie at grass tree beach, mackay, Queensland

October 19, 2015

alicia and rowan got married in Agnes Water, Queensland


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