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July 12, 2012

today is my birthday

So today is my birthday. Happy birthday, I hear you say. Why thank you!!! It’s a nothing number. It’s 34. It’s not early thirties not really mid thirties, it is just somewhere in between. Since having a baby of my own, I have realised just how significant birthday’s are for mummies. So happy birth day to my incredible mum. She is my inspiration in so many ways. A few months ago one of the mum’s of a friend I had when I was little, facebooked me to tell me just how incredible my mum was (I already had a sneaking suspicion!) and how they had all considered her to be super mum. And believe me she is. She is super mum and now SUPER GAGA! So 34 years ago, actually right now, she was labouring without fuss, without drugs (did they even exist back then?) and delivered me safely into this beautiful world. So thank you mumma. I love you.

So what of the last 34 years? What I have learned and what I have yet to learn. About transformation and change, about old and new. Well I know I’m lucky, I have lived a big life. I have loved big, I have travelled, I have helped babies been born and I have seen the precious last moments of ┬ábeautiful human beings lives. I am a true cancerain, I love the water. I love my home. I am a funny mummy, cheeky and a lot silly. And what I know to be true? What you believe you become.

‘Only as high as you can reach can you grow, only as far as you seek can you go, only as deep as you look can you see, only as much as you can dream can you be’ xx

Here is to another 34, universe willing.



4 Comments Filled With Love

  1. Jodi Mc says:

    Oh love every word. Yes happy birth day to you – SPECIAL is the only word that rings loud and true for you. Love hugs and wet kisses from another cancerian. xoxoxoxox

  2. Bruce Batten says:

    Let it flow girl,
    Watch him grow
    happy birthday

  3. Caroline Burnside says:

    Wow, that was inspirational. Happy Birthday beautiful.
    PS. Your Mum has always been fabulous :) xx Hope you had a great day :) xx

  4. I totally missed the boat on this, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU BEAUTIFUL THING! I hope it was really wonderful!

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