ello. I am Marina. I was named after the sea. I’m a wind in your hair, bare feet, hair in your face, sunshine-on-your-skin kind of girl. I love a good love story. The kind where soul mates stumble upon each other when they are so young, or the kind where they search nearly a whole life time for each other. I love, love. I love to run on the beach with no shoes, I love the colour of dusk and my son, the great wave in my ocean. I believe in fate. And living life guided by your heart. And fashion. And old movies.

I don’t take perfect pictures. To me they are imperfectly perfect. They are real and honest, I want you to remember what you were feeling on that day, in that moment. I want to capture the quiet moments, the ones when you forget anyone is watching. The way he looks at you, sweeps the hair from you face and how he makes you feel when he reaches for your hand. Those moments give me butterflies, they are your love story. Here are the love stories I’ve captured for others.