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May 7, 2012

annie and jordan – agnes water wedding photography featured on Style Me Pretty

This gorgeous wedding was featured on the always beautiful Style Me Pretty. In this tiny town of Agnes Water/1770 Annie wanted to create something incredible, something pretty and something vintage. All words that make me squeal. She collected bits and pieces for months,  family heirlooms and visited antique stores so they could be surrounded by heritage and all things precious and old. All of which were towed by Annie’s dad on a 6 meter long tandem trailer over 225 kilometres.
Jordan and Annie’s proposal is anything but ordinary. Jordan flew Annie high up in the sky to propose, he had harvested into a wheat crop the words marry me. It is so obvious how much they love each other and how they couldn’t wait to be married. Jordan looks at Annie with this look. He adores her, they have dreams, big beautiful dreams for their future.

 So exited to see this wedding featured on Style Me Pretty twelve months after I shot my very first wedding. Hooray!!

More of the prettiness can be seen here at Pretty my love

6 Comments Filled With Love

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  2. Such beautiful photos of an incredible wedding…. the bride’s outfit is the loveliest!!

  3. I just love this wedding to bits! Can’t get enough of your gorgeous images and all the stunning details in this wedding.

  4. Tara says:

    This is spectacular! Wonderful moments and images captured!!

  5. Milly says:

    Marina, I keep coming back to these pics and showing anyone who is getting married! So lovely. X

  6. I wish I would also have the same type of wedding.. Its so lavish, so beautiful I don’t even get my eyes off from your photographs.. I had shown these to my hubby and he also wished the same.. You’re so lucky Marina..

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