I love to breathe in a beautiful sky but I don't run for the camera to photograph it. What I love photographing is people. It's people with people, the ones they love. It's capturing intangible moments that say so much, without any words, they speak. For as long as I can remember the stories I have wanted to know about are love stories. How people met, when they fell in love, and when they knew that this was it.

Life is fairly simple really, and it is over far too quickly. The photos I love the best are the love ones. Moments that show feelings you could touch. Looks. Whispers. Real smiles. The things I feel with my heart. Those are the moments I want to capture for you.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: Jodie and Luke got married one windy day in October of 2011 in the town of 1770, Central Queensland. A bushfire burnt in the nearby Eurimbula national park all day. This moment was at sunset on the beach of Agnes Water. The way she looks at him, it makes my heart do cartwheels.